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The Club at Rooster Run

George Domich Award

The George Domich Award is named after a former Secret Service Agent who was one of our first board members. He succumbed to cancer after a valiant battle. George was an integral part of the men's club and he is sorely missed. This award tracks the leading prize winners for the year in the Men's Club. The winner receives a free membership for the following year.

John Heliotes140
Steve Young130
Simon Fowles110
Steve Robb110
Ryan Jackson100
Mike Drobnick100
Mark Richardson100
Rich Cotter90
Martin Bugarin90
Dave Langston90
Darren Whiteside90
Mark Hutchinson90
Sal Sanfilippo90
Neils Goodwin90
Larry Rodden80
Tim Harrison80
Dennis Collins80
Dale Banda80
Larry Smith80
Nico Vaca70
Gabe Riveras70
Mickey Chard60
Rick Brookman60
Wayne Hinrichs60
John Boehning60
Jeff Becker50
Dale Katen50
Chris Gonzales50
Noel Stenberg50
Steve Vonderahe50
Nick Fausone50
Jerry Minkoff50
Frank Gonterman50
Walt Spiller50
Wayne Falsetto50
Kody Riveras50
Kyle Spongberg50
Gary Oefinger40
Bob Oefinger40
Lee Smith40
Phil Lofgren40
Bill George30
Jim Balsham30
ken mattos30
Phil Lofgrren30
Darren Weber30
Brandon Cramer30
Matt Cramer20
Mark Slaughter20
Jeff Pintar10

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