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The Club at Rooster Run

The Club at Rooster Run is a very strong group that is run by a team of 7 volunteer board members that work hard all year round to help provide an enjoyable golf experience for its members. It is a club that is open to the public has many active women members as well as men of all ages. Over the years they have established a good relationship with Rooster Run and the staff. The Board has worked to provide the following for its members:

TC@RR 2024 INFO.
$140.00 - before Dec. 1st, $155after Dec 1, 2023

NCGA Membership - includes GHIN handicap
Eligibility for TC@RR events and benifits


Will be announced 2021



Sign up via web page at http://www.mymensclub.com/cgi-bin/mmcdeluxe.cgi?action=home&club=CA-4 least 7 days prior to tournament. For those tournaments that are not shot gun starts you may request an early, middle or late tee time when signing up. You must be an active member to participate in our tournaments. Or be a guest of a member. In addition, to receive earnings/points, you must have a valid NCGA index.

Please comply with all rules on the tournament rule sheet. Please check in 20 minutes prior to your tee time. Scorecards must be signed, attested and turned into the scorers table immediately upon completion of your round. You must keep up with the group in front of you. A 20 minute rule will apply. You must post your adjusted score on the tournament-posting sheet. TOURNAMENT REQUIREMENT FOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS, MEMBER/MEMBER AND NCGA QUALIFIERS You must have a valid, active NCGA index by the 1st day of the month of the tournament. You must have at least 10 scores posted on your GHIN file. You must have played AT LEAST 2 TC@RR tournaments in the prior 8 months.


  1. A ball resting in a crack in the earth may be lifted and dropped as near as possible to the place it previously lay, no closer to the hole, without penalty. Likewise if your stance is in a crack.
  2. An embedded ball anywhere through the green ( fairway, fringe or rough) may be lifted cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the place it previously lay, no closer to the hole, without penalty. A ball embedded in the rough or fringe must be dropped and played from the rough or fringe.
  3. When a ball may be lost in a water hazard, or lateral water hazard, a provisional ball may be called and played where appropriate to speed play, prior to determining whether the first ball is lost in the hazard.
  4. In all stroke play tournaments all ties are determined in the following manner, back nine, back six, back three and then starting at #18 going backward to #17 etc.
  5. When winter rules are in effect, a ball in the fairway, rough and fringe may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length and no closer to the hole, without penalty
  6. A ball, on a closely mown area through the green (grass cut at fairway length or shorter), which sits on or in an aeration hole, slice or plug may be lifted and dropped, as near as possible to the spot from which it was lifted, no nearer the hole. On the green, the ball may be lifted and placed, as near as possible to the spot from which it was lifted, no nearer the hole.
  7. In TC@RR tournament play the drop area is used for balls hit into the hazard, not for out of bounds shots. If ball is OB, re tee,( stroke and distance penalty)drop in the closest part of the fairway and you would be laying three, hitting four or you may retee and call a provisional.
  8. Artificial measuring devices such as laser range finders and Sky caddy are approved for play. All range finders that have any extra features (weather, clubbing advice, etc) must have all those features turned off for it to be legal.
  9. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)
  10. Hole number nine rules. Any tee shot hit in bounds left of the hill must be played as it lies with the exception if ball or stance is in a crack. If ball or stance is in a crack ball may be placed in NEAREST point of relief no closer to the hole. The rule replaces previous allowance to bring ball to top of the hill.

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