1. (Greg Smith) May 18 11:57:30 AM
LOTS of golf this Holiday weekend. Please note that we will be a little more aggressive giving back tee times to the golf course due to the holiday.
2. (Greg Smith) May 18 04:14:25 PM
3. (Zachary Dennett) May 21 01:07:03 AM
Are there any slots for matches on Monday?
4. (Greg Smith) May 21 09:16:19 AM
No Monday slots unless the skins game is light.
5. (Greg Smith) May 21 09:17:34 AM
Cotter/Garfield do have a 10am tee time and are playing their match. There is room for two more.
6. (John Robutz) May 21 11:16:58 AM
Greg, Dean Selna and myself would like to play our match Monday morning as early as possible. I’ve got a time currently set up for 9 o’clock. However, if there’s room to play with the Mens Club earlier, that’s what we’d like to do. Thank you.
7. (Jerry Minkoff) May 21 10:22:38 PM
Sorry. Remove Tim Summers guest. I can’t play that day
8. (Zachary Dennett) May 21 11:12:40 PM
Tim Harrison and I will have a time scheduled for Monday, but would also prefer to play at the end of the Mens Club group as well.
9. (Phillip Lofgren) May 21 11:17:48 PM
Jeff Becker and I have a tee time Saturday June 1st at 7.30, room for 2, if anyone else wants to play their match
10. (Mark Richardson) May 22 06:28:24 PM
Add me with Kyle Reischling for match.
11. (Greg Smith) May 22 08:49:14 PM
Please stop signing/requesting match times here. I can`t follow it and it`s very confusing! If you want to play a match please don`t sign up for skins and call the pro shop.
12. (Greg Smith) May 23 10:04:25 AM
As of right now, the Sunday match play block is full. 8:50 & 9:00. George/Jones/Oefinger/Robutz/Rosa/Selna/Reischling/Richardson
13. (Greg Smith) May 23 04:13:19 PM
Correction: Monday 9am - Robutz/Selna Sunday 8:50/9am - Chard/Collins/George/Jones/Oefinger/Rosa/Reischling/Richardson
14. (Greg Smith) May 23 04:13:46 PM
If you are currently signed up in the skins game and are playing your match, please WD from the skins game
15. (Bill George) May 23 07:58:28 PM
Hello Members: wanted to remind everyone of the Clubs rules on Tees 7.9 & under play from the Blues. 8.0 -10.9 may play Combos. 11.0 and up & the "75" rule may play whites. 75 rule.... age + current index equal 75 or greater. Red tees by Board Approval. Players can always play back a tee box, not forward.
16. (Bill George) May 23 08:00:50 PM
Please double check that you are signing up from the correct tees. Thank you for the support as we navigate making it fun and fair.
17. (John Heliotes) May 23 08:08:23 PM
Billy, I thought it was 8.9 and below play blues
18. (Bill George) May 23 08:35:23 PM
Point of clarification these rules are for the Skins games only as we do not play Combos during tournaments.
19. (Bill George) May 23 08:36:51 PM
Bueno we confirmed it is 7.9
20. (John Heliotes) May 24 01:14:25 AM
Ok thx Bill.